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SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines

Index in the rating 4.35

SriLankan Airlines

Index in the rating 4.35
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Punctuality: SriLankan Airlines
The graph shows summary statistics of delays of the flights made.*
Below is a list of flights on which data are collected.

If you wish to know indicators of particular flight delays — enter flight number in the search bar. The graph will show flight punctuality.

*Statistics provided by FlightStats, Inc.
Number of flights
The total number of surveys: 10283
All flights of the airline for which statistics of delays is collected
UL101 UL102 UL103 UL104 UL105
UL106 UL109 UL110 UL114 UL115
UL116 UL118 UL119 UL120 UL121
UL122 UL123 UL124 UL125 UL126
UL127 UL128 UL129 UL130 UL131
UL132 UL133 UL134 UL137 UL138
UL139 UL140 UL141 UL142 UL143
UL144 UL150 UL158 UL159 UL160
UL161 UL162 UL165 UL166 UL167
UL171 UL172 UL173 UL174 UL177
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