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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Index in the rating 4.48

Turkish Airlines

Index in the rating 4.48
  • Voting started: 2012-11-27
  • Passengers voted: 4787
  • Parameters evaluated: 216573
Punctuality: Turkish Airlines
The graph shows summary statistics of delays of the flights made.*
Below is a list of flights on which data are collected.

If you wish to know indicators of particular flight delays — enter flight number in the search bar. The graph will show flight punctuality.

*Statistics provided by FlightStats, Inc.
Number of flights
The total number of surveys: 70367
All flights of the airline for which statistics of delays is collected
TK6 TK7 TK8 TK9 TK10
TK11 TK12 TK15 TK16 TK17
TK18 TK20 TK21 TK24 TK25
TK26 TK27 TK31 TK32 TK33
TK34 TK35 TK36 TK38 TK39
TK40 TK41 TK42 TK43 TK44
TK45 TK46 TK47 TK50 TK51
TK52 TK53 TK54 TK55 TK56
TK57 TK58 TK59 TK60 TK61
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