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Iberia Airlines

Iberia Airlines

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Iberia Airlines

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  • David Levenberg23 December 2021
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    Iberia is the most dysfunctional airline in the industry. Not only do their people not speak English well enough to understand and communicate, but their customer service is the WORST!!

    We booked a trip to Italy through American and the outbound flight was very good (British Airways), but the return was a nightmare. First our flight from Italy to London on British Airways was cancelled the day before we were scheduled to leave. British Airways could not help re-book, we had to do it through AA. AA booked us on an Iberia flight from Italy to Madrid and Madrid to Miami. Everything seems good until I could not check in online. I called Iberia, they assigned seats, I paid for the upgrade and was told we would have to check in at the airport..ok no problem we thought. We get to the airport, stand in line and finally get to the counter...the lady checks me in but says she can`t find my wife`s reservation, even though we have seats assigned...I have to get out of line and call AA. They find that the Iberia agent booked me on the Madrid to Miami flight, but booked my wife on British Airways from Madrid to London!!! AA had to cancel the entire reservation and re-book us, which meant that we lost the seats we had upgraded to. Got back in line and back to the agent who now found the new reservation and gave us our boarding passes in economy...fine at least we will get home. 10 hours later we arrive in Miami (Thursday night) and guess what, two of our four bags don`t show up!! File a claim, the guy finds the bags (still in Madrid) and says they will be in Miami on Friday and we will have them delivered within 28 hours.. It is now Weds and still no bags. Called Iberia customer service everyday and get the same story...your bags got to Miami on Friday and should be delivered but we cant tell you when...No one to escalate to, no way to get any additional information. Six days and counting.

    I will never fly Iberia again and I would strongly recommend everyone find a different more customer friendly airline to spend your money with!!!
  • Gia Rivera10 June 2021
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    My husband, my 2 year old, my 4 month old and I went purchased tickets to go to Spain in May. We spent close to $4,000.00. We called the airline one wk prior to flying & were told we only needed the CoVID negative test & our passports & we were good to go. We arrived at the airport 3 and 1/2 hrs early for the flight. Upon arrival we were told we needed a “QR” code & without it we couldn’t get in line to check in or on the flight. I begged everyone who worked there for help for hours. No one would. I asked to speak to a supervisor 12 times and was ignored. I finally snuck into the line after an hour and a half. When I got to the counter I gave the agent our CoVID negative tests and passports. I was directed to a website to get the QR code. I tried to get it done, after almost 2 hours I asked if we were going to miss the flight. She said you have a few minutes to get to boarding. She then tried to manually check us in. Then she looked at our passports that had been in front of her for almost 2 hours & said “do you have passports from any other country?” We said “no.” She said “sorry, you’re American, so you can’t board this flight.”
    Iberia sold me tickets they knew I couldn’t use & after fighting for almost a week with them, they have refused to refund me or even give us a credit for a future flight. They will not give us a valid reason why. They just keep saying no refund and no credit towards a future flight. They literally robbed our money. This is total fraud. I have flown to Spain all my life to see my family, year after year but I will never fly with Iberia again.
  • Catalina Yturralde27 September 2019
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    #iberiaairlines #iberia

    First of all my apologies to all my dear Spanish friends which I love and respect.
    This experience with IBERIA was beyond humiliating and frustrating . It was a nightmare.

    I have never experienced something even close to this before in 45 years that I have traveled around the world. IBERIA WORST SERVICE & ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY . IBERIA WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.

    I am not the kind of person to do this but honestly IBERIA deserves this and my fellow passengers and the airline industry government regulators need to be aware of this.
    My experience with IBERIA has been HORRIBLE. The worse customer service and accountability. NEVER ever will I fly with them again.
    Back in July we went to Spain for my sister in law’s wedding, a big event for the whole family . We all flew from different places around the world Dubai, Australia, USA and of course Spain.
    We went with our two boys while our daughter was waiting for us in San Sebastián. As was expecting given the importance of the event we meticulously picked out our outfits .
    First flight from Madrid to San Sebastián IBERIA didn’t allow us to board the flight because we didn’t check in online (mind you we got to the airport a couple hours before). IBERIA never advised that you needed to check in online or run the risk of being left out due to overbooking. We were later told by IBERIA’s ‘atención al cliente desk’ that it is very common for IBERIA to do this during peak travel periods of the year — I take this as IBERIA first and passengers/customers last. We were supposed to arrive San Sebastián early to attend a family pre rehearsal lunch. It was the first time that all the family got together after my father in law passed away. A very very important event for all of us. FYI this flight was leaving at 8:00 am.”
    Second attempt we were on stand by on a direct flight to San Sebastián two hours after our original flight. As IBERIA protocol which we understood at the moment, we waited until the last passenger boarded. IBERIA called us and assigned us different seats which was ok with us since our kids are older.
    Finally we made it! We might be able to get to the family lunch! Well well well not too fast all of the sudden last minute four passengers arrived to the plane that was about to leave and what happened 😳, after a humiliating discussion we had to leave the plane in the middle of the tarmac, remove our luggage and go up again and find another flight to get to San Sebastián. FYI we bought these tickets way in advance back in March. By EU law if any EU airline bumps you out of a flight they have to compensate you for it. Almost three months after we haven’t heard anything from IBERIA awful awful experience and humiliating.
    Unfortunately the story doesn’t end here.
    IBERIA finally put us in a flight to Bilbao at 2:00 pm . Bilbao is an hour away from San Sebastián, so an hour flight plus another hour to get to San Sebastián.
    When we arrived to Bilbao our su
  • Michelle Raffay09 July 2019
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    I spent 3 weeks playing golf in Spain with friends.
    The trip was great until my return back to LAX.
    The experience was needless to say not up to American,Delta,Alaska nor Southwest standards.
    The crew is the most unfriendly,rude crew I have ever encountered. I’m a 1 million mile member with elite status on American so I speak from many airline flights.
    There were a few customers that had trouble finding their seats and one of the crew was pointing rudely and rolling his eyes to me as if the customer was an idiot.
    As they walk through the aisles they are the typical Spaniard.
    They don’t smile and have no sense of care.We found out while traveling that if you smile to a Spaniard they will not smile back. It’s research shows they think we are up to something.
    The seats were so tight that I had to get up several times on the 13 hour flight and stand in the galley. The flight attendant looked at me as I was crazy for standing there. Typically other airline attendants welcome those of us who need to stand.
    I tried to strike up a conversation with the attendant and he looked at me as if I were an inconvenience to him.
    One of my friends from Argentina said Iberia is the worst airline and I shrugged it off.
    Now I know what she was referring to.
    If you like rude employees, difficult check in,tight seats without priority seating opportunities with uncompetitive pricing then this is the carrier for you.
    I am so proud to be an American who smiles and appreciate professional carriers that I mentioned above.
    Iberia needs to train from the Southwest Airlines crews.
    Flight 6171 July 8th Madrid to LAX.
  • Diana Skellenger18 June 2018
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    Iberia air knowingly takes money from their passengers. I have never dealt with a more incompetent airline or staff in my life. We fly 20+ times a year and never have I written a negative review (not after food poisoning about a restaurant, salon, airline, etc) but everyone deserves to be warned prior to booking a flight with Iberian air, they cost us $3500 + and wouldn’t refund our return tickets. Series of events is below, we took a flight from Boston to Madrid on 6/7/2018-6/8/2018. Our flight was approximately 20-30 minutes late to leave from Boston on Iberian air. Our suggested layover by Iberian air from Madrid to Barcelona was approximately 1 hour. This hour layover is the flight route they suggest online while booking, we booked a round trip back to Boston on 6/18. Due to the long customs line and security over 20% of the passengers missed their next flight, we RAN (not walked) through the airport. By the time we made it to the gate the airplane was closed, we and 25 + people missed the flight. My husband and I had reservations in Barcelona later that day with a prepaid group. We called Iberian air to request another flight, they couldn’t guarantee us to be on a flight until the next day, it is 8:00 am at this time. The customer service rep we spoke to suggested we book a flight on Vueling, they’re partner airline. We did this for $300 without complaint, while not being refunded for the flight from Madrid to Barcelona. The flight to Madrid is an hour and a half. Fast forward to 6/17, we are checking in for our flight from Granada to Barcelona. We are informed at the gate that our tickets have been canceled and we will not be receiving a refund because we missed our flight from Madrid to Barcelona 9 days prior.
  • Marek Sawka08 August 2017
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    Poor service lost luggage its been 2days already without my luggage no any update never again the worse trip poor food
  • Carolyn Bradley31 May 2017
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    Iberia needs to do a better job of dealing with connecting flights. My flight out of Heathrow was delayed two hours, and despite my connecting flight from Madrid being delayed, I missed it by 2 minutes. Had they let passengers with connecting flights off first, or done literally anything to help me get off the plane and to my gate, I would have made the flight.

    Instead it took me 32 extra hours to get home, another connecting flight, and they had to put me up in a (very very nice) hotel with 3 meals included. Not sure how that made economical sense. Might have been because the first plane was technically British Airways, but either way I was very disappointed that absolutely nothing was done to help me make my connection, causing me to miss it.
  • Faith Hartley24 May 2017
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    The flight was comfortable however when someone has a connecting flight from a different airport i.e. Change from heathrow to gatwick... pls make it much more obvious. You didn`t notify me during any of the booking process. Very upsetting to miss your flight because you can`t get through customs in time to catch an hour bus ride to another airport when you weren`t warned!
  • Maarten Albarda26 April 2017
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    I fly the Charlotte - London itinerary regularly, and if I can I fly the direct American Airlines flight. The direct flight is often cheaper if I buy it through Iberia or Finnair, even though it is the exact same direct AA operated flight. So even though I am evaluating Iberia here, it is in fact an AA flight.

    AA fly a decent (former USAirways) A330. Business Class is nice with a 1 - 2 - 1 layout. Economy is 2 - 4 - 2 (with all the way in the back a few rows of 2 - 3 - 2).

    The seats have USB sockets but they do not work (have been disconnected for years). The touch-screen TV system is pretty user UNfriendly. It only responds by placing your finger at exactly the right angle on the screen. It often requires a reset (or two) for the whole plane after take off before it works. People unfamiliar with the system start punching it frequently which is annoying as they are seat-back screens, and punching the screen harder and harder (a) does not make a difference, and (b) annoys the person in that seat.

    The seat space is decent. The overhead bins spacious. Flights are usually pretty tolerable. Shop around for the best prices.
  • Angela Cosey07 July 2016
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    I booked a flight from PHL to TFS, returning from TFN, 25JUN16 to 03JUL16. Our connection from Madrid to Tenerife and vice versa was on Iberia Airlines. Although I paid almost $1200 for my ticket which is certainly not a budget airline price, the flights on Iberia certainly seemed to be at budget airline standards. We were in the air for 3 hours going without any offer of food or drink -- only available by purchase at overinflated prices. There were no entertainment screens on the plane, no blankets or pillows were offered. An extremely disappointing experience. If Iberia operates as a budget airline then this should be clarified, and the prices should be commensurate with the extreme lack of service and quality.

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