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Index in the rating 4.10
  • Voting started: 2016-11-05
  • Passengers voted: 80 80
  • Parameters evaluated: 2400
Punctuality: Ryanair
The graph shows summary statistics of delays of the flights made.*
Below is a list of flights on which data are collected.

If you wish to know indicators of particular flight delays — enter flight number in the search bar. The graph will show flight punctuality.

*Statistics provided by FlightStats, Inc.
Number of flights
The total number of surveys: 12360
All flights of the airline for which statistics of delays is collected
FR9 FR22 FR29 FR46 FR47
FR58 FR72 FR119 FR139 FR145
FR147 FR162 FR163 FR167 FR171
FR181 FR192 FR195 FR197 FR203
FR206 FR258 FR272 FR297 FR314
FR315 FR328 FR335 FR380 FR381
FR382 FR633 FR662 FR787 FR788
FR812 FR816 FR1002 FR1006 FR1013
FR1017 FR1021 FR1022 FR1025 FR1039
FR1056 FR1058 FR1062 FR1123 FR1135
50 more flights

Passengers comments

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    2020-04-03 Somesh Sawalkar
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    2020-03-16 Susan Topper