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Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline

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Emirates Airline

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  • Voting started: 2012-09-09
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Punctuality: Emirates Airline
The graph shows summary statistics of delays of the flights made.*
Below is a list of flights on which data are collected.

If you wish to know indicators of particular flight delays — enter flight number in the search bar. The graph will show flight punctuality.

*Statistics provided by FlightStats, Inc.
Number of flights
The total number of surveys: 67713
All flights of the airline for which statistics of delays is collected
EK6 EK7 EK8 EK9 EK10
EK11 EK12 EK15 EK16 EK17
EK18 EK19 EK20 EK21 EK22
EK23 EK24 EK25 EK26 EK27
EK28 EK29 EK30 EK31 EK32
EK33 EK34 EK35 EK36 EK37
EK38 EK39 EK40 EK41 EK42
EK43 EK44 EK45 EK46 EK47
EK48 EK49 EK50 EK51 EK52
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