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British Airways

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  • Lauretta Perkins04 August 2020
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    I booked a round trip from Seattle to Las Vegas. When I received my confirmation e-mail my return destanation was Salt Lake City. I`ve tried reaching to them via phone and e-mail but got no response. This company is a scam. Therefore I will be filing a complaint with my local Attorney General`s office. And I hope tha rest of you guy`s do to. So it can draw attention and open up an investigation.
  • Mann Gajjar11 November 2019
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    Worst, Worst, Worst.

    Fraud!! Scam!! NoExistance!! No Help!! MoneyLooters!! ScumbagCustomerCare!! NoProfessionalism!!

    I have booked a ticket, called customer service to cancel it after 26 hours of booking time. Explained the legit reason to cancel the flight, nobody helped. An executive named with LANA tried to argue and also shouting over the phone. literally SHOUTING!! I asked to talk to the manager, She said I am the only one whom you can talk to. No one can help you except me.( I am not lying)

    Again called to change of dates. They actually help nothing over the phone. Every time you have to go online and request for the fortune.
    Flights were available on the Airline`s website but rejected by Kissandfly, said it has to be available on their site. also informed that they will charge me $300 for penalty and $39 service fees.

    When after 4th request to the date change, they asked me to pay another $1100 USD.

    There is nobody who can actually help. Customer Care is the worst. I have completely lost money. Shame on you kissandfly. You guys just reached to the limit of being boghus.
  • Laura Franco11 July 2017
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    Flying with BA was really good. The only thing to point it out is that the check-in online did not work for the return flight and we had to do it at the airport.
  • Ernest Sang03 January 2017
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    British Airways misplaced my 2 baggages from London yo Nairobi. When arrivef in Nairobi, my baggages were in london. I had to buy new clothes for the funtion i was attending because all my clothes were in my baggages left in london by by BA. I will never fly with BA again. They are not mindful nor keen with baggages.
  • Paul Neville22 November 2016
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    British Airways sold the flight from LAX to Munich with a stopover in LHR. The stopover time was not enough to exit the plane stop by the toilet then go through security and make it in time to board. We arrived at the gate about 5 minutes after they closed the gate and were told I`m sorry, we paged you. LOL They paged us in the little area where their gate is I guess, all the time we were in security we didn`t here our names.

    I don`t thing 1.5 hours is enough time for an international stop over if you have to go through security and transfer to a different terminal. This is why I book the entire flight with the same carrier so any problems with missing a connection are their responsibility. Fortunately British Airways has multiple daily flights to Munich.

    The only complaint I have with the LAX - LHR flight was the very warm temperature of the cabin. I am flying in november, and a T-shirt and Jeans was uncomfortably hot. I didn`t have this problem on the return flight operated by American. I was able to leave my sweater on.

    bathrooms were clean and British Airways still has the logical boarding method of boarding the plane by row number, back to front. It is so much easier boarding a plane if the front is empty when you are sitting in the rear.
  • Michael Ottinger11 August 2016
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    My experience with British Airways and the three planes that that belonged to them that I flew on was absolutely amazing. I fly domestically 4-10 times a year. If only every other airline were as amazing as BA. I will be writing a hand written personal letter to the CEO of BA if I can find out where to send it to express my appreciation for their customer service policies and excellent staff. Vueling airlines sucked. I would have been more comfortable flying as a cargo parcel.
  • sarah iivanainen05 August 2016
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    They took my carry on luggage and checked it in. It not was over weight or over size. After all both my luggage got lost and still waiting them to come. No one didn`t contact to me about the lost luggage!!

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