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American Airlines ( AA )

American Airlines ( AA )

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American Airlines ( AA )

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  • Orlinda Mapa14 January 2020
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    My husband and I traveled on flight AA 125 from DFW to Hong Kong on 1/2/2020. Worst flight ever. The staff were far from friendly and very rude. I mean even I know that when I didn’t understand someone the first time I do not say “what,” how rude! The food was horrible. I mean I know it’s air plane food but it was terrible. The passenger beside me made a comment “this is terrible food; it’s just eating to survive.” I used to take pride in flying with AA but I think I now understand what my friends have been telling me, service does not exist anymore. Leg room is close to nothing. I know they can do better especially about their service. The last thing one needs on such a long flight is rude and unfriendly staff waiting on them.
  • kent woodard10 January 2020
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    Missed my connection because of AA.
  • Andrea Blackwell08 January 2020
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    Of my 5 American airline flights 3 were delayed in taking off. I missed one connecting flight. I would have missed a major middle connecting flight had I not had TSA precheck. It may be wise during holiday times to allow a longer time for connecting flights as airports are busier. I would also recommend checking airplanes more regularly for issues as minor issues, such as a broken table tray and one air conditioner out, caused two of the flights to be delayed almost an hour. These delays and missed flights make me very hesitant to book with American Airlines, especially during holiday times.
  • Karen Villagonzalo04 January 2020
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    Flights where delayed!
  • Sadak Vali Syed Vajrakarur30 December 2019
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    Our Baggage was delayed for #1 business day while traveling back to Phoenix which was our final destination and this bags were holding up important documents and clothes which are very crucial after arriving.

    Regarding the Air Craft leg room space is less and during th flight to Chennai between Los Angeles and Hong Kong flight was rude when we questioned about uncooked food provided crew was so rude which is not acceptable and we lived with them as we don`t have option.
    Plz ask your staff to be polite and gentle towards the passengers.
  • Michael DiSylvester27 December 2019
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    Our flight from IAD Washington DC to Miami was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Costa Rica. The airline blamed it on air traffic but we did not leave on time and arrived late. Upon arrival to Miami the gate was occupied by another plane so we had to sit and wait. We literally ran through the airport and arrived a few minutes after the doors were closed. They would not let us on. They booked us on another flight to Costa Rica the following morning. We had to spend money for a hotel and meals plus we missed a day in Costa Rica that we had already payed for. American Airlines showed no remorse or offered any type of reimbursement. This airline has very poor customer service.
  • Cy We08 December 2019
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    Bad experience going. Cost me over $1700 MORE. Experience coming back was fine, and blissfully uneventful. Going, the first flight was delayed so long, that before boarding, I asked if the connecting flight would be held for us. Nine of us on the first flight were on the connecting flight. The connecting flight was only 1/2 full, and I later learned that only 20 of the 40 passengers made it to the connecting flight. If AA had simply held the connecting flight about 20 minutes for our incoming delayed flight, then AA would have had 29 passengers instead of 20 on the connecting flight. Couldn`t they have held the connecting flight 20 minutes for us? Some turned back. Others were re-routed through other cities. Of those who persevered, they didn`t arrive at the final destination until the next day, 24 hours later ... and it was a pre-paid vacation, so every day delayed was a day lost.
  • Bill Hind Hind28 November 2019
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    All is Good
  • Laticia Bassemir05 July 2017
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    Recently took a quick flight from Phoenix to St. George, Utah. Everything was good but there was one flight attendant that appeared to not care about her job at all! This was only a 50 minute flight, yet the attendant was sitting in the jump seat, covered up with a blanket, and she was either sleeping or texting on her phone during a good portion of the flight. Seriously?

    The plane was freezing. The lease she could have done was offer blankets to the passengers.
  • Kenneth Karnley15 June 2017
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    By far the worst experience I have had ever American Airlines took me for 500 extra dollars after my ticket was screwed up I will not be flying with them again .
  • randy grittner30 September 2016
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    Flight was pretty good arrived on time. Overall rating 7 out of 10

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